Steering Wheel Support

You can now use a racing wheel or game controller to control the vehicles in <<reversemytrailer .

As well as steering, if your controller has pedals you can use these to speed up and slow down. Buttons on your controller can be set to do other things like selecting different views or moving the vehicles back to the start position.

Set Up

Start by making sure your controller is connected. Then enable it by selecting the Settings -> Steering Controller -> Enable menu option of the simulator program.

controller settings menu

If this menu option is not visible, please contact us for help.

Next, run the set up feature by selecting the Settings -> Steering Controller -> Set Up menu option. You should see a configuration panel that looks like this:

controller setup panel (cleared)

All of the configurable operations are listed on this panel. Click on each red CLICK TO UPDATE button in turn and follow the instructions given in the pop-up update panel that appears. Here is an example of a pop-up panel:

controller update panel

You do not need to configure all of the operations - just set up as many as you require. Here is an example of how your configuration panel might look with all operations configured:

controller setup panel (complete)

*IMPORTANT* Please ensure that each controller button is associated with only one operation.

When all of the operations you require have been set up, click the Save button.

To clear an individual setting, click on the green CLICK TO UPDATE and then click the OK button on the update panel. If you want to clear all settings, you can use the Click here to clear all settings button.

You should now be able to use your controller to operate the simulator. If anything does not work as you expect, please contact us for help.

You can disable your controller at any time and resume control using the screen control panel.

Steering operation

Some steering wheel controllers offer several steering sensitivity modes. For the best experience with the <<reversemytrailer simulator we recommend using the least sensitive mode.

Pedal operation

Unlike the speed sliders on the screen control panel, pedals can only make the vehicles speed up or slow down - they cannot make them change direction.

For this reason, when you enable your controller a new button appears on the control panel that allows you to swap between FORWARD and REVERSE direction.

controller control panel

The operation of this button can be linked to any button on your controller using the FORWARD/REVERSE entry on the configuration panel (see above).

If your controller has no pedals or you choose not to configure them, you can continue to control vehicle speed as normal using the keyboard keys or the sliders on the screen control panel.

Button operation

You can change which operations are performed by the buttons at any time using the configuration panel.

We recommend you connect often-used operations such as mirror views, and direction change to easily accessible buttons.

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