Mirror Surrounds

It's easy to get confused by the rear mirror views in <<reversemytrailer . This is partly because they don't look like physical mirrors.

Unlike the front window view, the mirror views show a reflection of the scene behind the driver. Even so, their rectanglar shape can still make them appear more like windows than mirrors.

For this reason, we have introduced mirror-shaped surrounds that you can add to the views. These surrounds are currently available in 3 different shapes:

mirror surrounds

Because these shapes give a more restricted view of the scene, using them can make reversing even more challenging!

If you prefer to see more of the scene, you can increase the width of any shape by stretching it.

mirror surround stretch

To configure the the surrounds in the Windows app, select the Settings -> Mirror Surrounds menu option.

mirror surround menu

This will display a panel where you select the shape of the surround, adjust its width (stretch) and switch it on and off.

mirror surround adjust

If you are using one of the mobile apps, the mirror surrounds can be selected and adjusted via the main menu.

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