Mirror Labels

"Are the mirror labels the correct way around?"

If this is a question you have asked yourself, we hope this page will convince you that they are!

Try this test. First select the GATE IN WALL scene and the RIGHT TURN manoeuvre.

The bird's eye view shows the orientation of the vehicles with respect to the wall, with the road curving towards the gate on the right hand side of the vehicles.

Mirror Labels #1

Now imagine yourself sitting in the driver's seat.

If you look at the right mirror you would expect to see this curved road (and the wall), as it's behind you to the right of the vehicles.

You would also expect the reflection of the sides of the car and caravan to appear down the left edge of the mirror, with the wall over towards the right edge.

Mirror Labels #2

Steering left (initially) to start your right turn towards the gate, the caravan will swing out to your right as you reverse.

Mirror Labels #3

You would therefore expect the side of the caravan to become more visible in the right mirror.

Mirror Labels #4

Looking at the left mirror now would show the rear of the caravan has moved out of view. Notice, the wall is not visible in this mirror either as it is on the other side of the vehicles.

Mirror Labels #5

It's easy to mistakenly interpret these mirror views as rear-facing camera views instead of reflections in real mirrors. However, if you look at the 'SWIFT' logo on the caravan you'll see it is reversed, indicating that this is truly a reflected, mirror view.

Also, when sitting in the driver's seat of a real vehicle the right mirror would be physically over to your right and the left mirror to your left. Try moving your sitting position so that the screen is to your right (or left) to see if this helps.

If you're still not convinced, please get in touch to discuss it further!

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