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<<reversemytrailer for Android is a modified version of the driving simulator program originally created for Windows desktop. All the main features of the simulator are available in the Android version, with user controls adapted for operation on the touch-sensitive screens of mobile devices.

Two versions of the app are now available on Google Play. Neither version contains ads or in-app purchases.

If you experience any problems installing or running the app, please take a look at our troubleshooting page. Alternatively, contact us and we will do our best to help.

Get it on Google Play ReverseMyTrailer 2D

This version is free to use but operates in 2D mode only (Bird's-eye view).

Free app

For more information, please see the User Guide.

Get it on Google Play ReverseMyTrailer

This is the full 3D version, offering Bird's-eye, Observer and Mirror views. There is a small charge for this version.

Full app

For more information, please see the User Guide.

Version History

Date Free Version Full Version Details
17/06/2024 1.0.64 - Added direct messaging feature
- Trial versions of alternative guidance indicators
17/06/2024 1.0.41 - Added direct messaging feature
04/04/2024 1.0.56 - Added mirror surrounds
- Further performance improvements.
04/04/2024 1.0.40 - Further performance improvements.
27/02/2024 1.0.54 - Added new trailer view feature
- Various performance and model display improvements.
27/02/2024 1.0.38 - Various performance and model display improvements.
31/10/2023 1.0.49 - Added new auto mirror feature
31/10/2023 1.0.34 - Performance improvements
02/10/2023 1.0.33 1.0.48 - Performance improvements
- Bug fixes
28/07/2023 1.0.30 1.0.45 - Further improvements to start up
- Fixed minor jack-knife bugs
- Updates required for more complex towing vehicles to be introduced
16/03/2023 1.0.29 1.0.44 - Vehicle and scene files are now downloaded only when first selected. Improves first start up
26/10/2022 1.0.26 1.0.41 - Fixed a problem which was preventing some users from viewing route analysis recordings.
28/07/2022 1.0.25 1.0.40 - Occasional slow response of steer by tilt feature is fixed
- Collision detection is improved
- Vehicle motion now smoother
25/03/2022 1.0.24 1.0.39 - Fixed problem involving first display of recorded route
14/01/2022 1.0.22 1.0.38 - Code changes needed to display more detailed trailer models
08/11/2021 1.0.21 1.0.37 - Improvements to smoothness of vehicle motion
- Various bug fixes
12/08/2021 1.0.19 1.0.35 - Minor change to route recording feature
06/08/2021 1.0.17 1.0.33 - Improved autopilot/guidance commands
- Driving mode and steering mode can be changed from any location
19/05/2021 1.0.32 - Fixed crash on startup seen on some devices
11/04/2021 1.0.16 1.0.23 - Improved jack-knife and collision testing
24/03/2021 1.0.15 1.0.22 - Improved bird's-eye view colour scheme
- Increased maximum forward speed and decreased maximum reverse speed
- Improved device tilt steering
21/02/2021 1.0.12 1.0.18 - First live release

Test Version History

Date Version Details
06/01/2021 Test - Option to steer using device tilt added
- Minor layout improvements
18/12/2020 Test - Scene and vehicle models now updated automatically
- Recording and analysis feature added
- Guide rails visibility selector added
15/10/2020 Test - Improved texture mapping, scene loading and error handling
- Added new caravan site scene
- Settings remembered between sessions
29/06/2020 Test - Included new features recently added to Windows version
30/04/2020 Test - Added diagnostics
21/04/2020 Test - Quickstart guide added
03/04/2020 Test - First release version

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