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OutAndAboutLive News Item

Thanks to OutAndAboutLive for publishing a great news item about <<reversemytrailer, 'Practise your caravan reversing skills using 3D driving simulator'.

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Caravan site scene

Release v1.0.0.8 of <<reversemytrailer (Windows version) is now ready to download. This includes a new caravan site scene with some tricky manoeuvres onto hard-standing pitches. The scene uses dimensions based on a recently visited Caravan & Motorhome Club site and contains multiple obstacles such as other caravans, EHU bollards and pitch alignment pegs. Don't forget to post feedback!

Scoring calculation improvements

Improvements have now been made to the scoring system to make it fairer, with fewer complex penalty points applied. This should allow everyone to achieve even higher scores! Also, work is nearly complete on a caravan site scene, offering some more challenging manoeuvres. Watch this space...

Android test version : New release

The recent improvements to the Windows version of <<reversemytrailer have now been added to the Android version. This can be downloaded from here.

New release

Release v1.0.0.7 of <<reversemytrailer (Windows version) is now available to download. Latest updates include improvements to obstacle models in the parallel parking manoeuvre scene and more efficient collision detection.

Recording and analyis feature

The latest release of <<reversemytrailer (Windows version) records your route as you reverse and generates information about how well you did. You can use this information to monitor you progress as you improve. If you're feeling competitive, you can also compare your scores with others in the High Scores table online! For more information, click here. Thanks again to Richard for scoring advice and testing.

Android test version : Quick Start

A Quick Start guide has now been added to the Android version of <<reversemytrailer. This provides easy to follow instructions on how to use the simulator controls and demonstrates all the main features. Download a copy of the latest version here. You can also see a short demonstration video here.

Android test version

The Android version of <<reversemytrailer is now ready to try. You can download a copy here. Thanks once more to Richard Wilson for early testing. Don't forget to post some feedback!

Android test version

Work is almost complete on the Android version of <<reversemytrailer. Hoping to start beta-testing soon, so please let me know if you'd like to try it out. In the meantime, here are a couple of demonstration videos: Movement and Views demonstration and Autopilot and Guidance modes demonstration

New release

The latest release of <<reversemytrailer now contains a manoeuvre that simulates the trailer-reversing exercise of the B+E driving test. Thanks again to Richard Wilson for his help in developing this feature. To see a demonstration video, click here.

Article in Caravan Times

Check out this feature article about <<reversemytrailer in Caravan Times!

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New features

The latest version of <<reversemytrailer now has a multi-view feature that allows both reversing mirrors and front window to be viewed at the same time. Mirror angles and positions can also now be adjusted, with values preset to represent extended, convex towing mirrors. Special thanks to Richard Wilson at drivertraining.cymru for his professional advice and his help in testing these program updates. To see a demonstration video for the new features, click here.

IAM Roadsmart blog post

Thank you very much to IAM Roadsmart for the opportunity to write about <<reversemytrailer as a guest blogger! The article explains the original motivation behind the project, along with what we hoped to achieve.

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