<<reversemytrailer is a 3D driving simulator program that helps you understand the steering operations required to reverse-manoeuvre any kind of towed trailer.

Below is a summary of the main features.

Driving Mirror Views

These provide a realistic view of the reversing operation as seen from the driving position. You can easily switch between left and right mirrors at any time while reversing is in progress.

Driving Mirror Views

There is also a multi-view option that allows both reversing mirrors and front window to be viewed at the same time.

Mirror angles and positions can be adjusted, with values preset to represent extended, convex towing mirrors.

Vehicles and Scenes

It is possible to select from a range of towing vehicles and trailers, each of which have different turning characteristics.

A range of scenes are available which offer different manoeuvres, including the B+E reversing test.

Vehicles and Scenes

Autopilot and Guidance

In autopilot driving mode, steering is controlled by the simulator. You can set the vehicles moving in reverse and the simulator will demonstrate how to complete whichever manoeuvre is selected.

In guidance mode, the simulator calculates the appropriate steering to be applied at any moment and displays this as 'steer left/steer right' instructions on a visual indicator. It's then up to you to try to follow the instructions using the steering control.

Vehicles and Scenes

Route Recording

This feature records your route as you carry out a reversing manoeuvre.

Recording begins automatically when you start reversing and stops when the manoeuvre is successfully completed. If you stop or drive forwards, the recording is paused automatically.

When the recording is complete you can see an analysis of how well you did, including a score based on factors such as how closely you managed to follow the suggested approach route and how well you controlled your steering.

The analysis page also displays an interactive diagram of your route overlaid on the suggested route.

Vehicles and Scenes

You can view any of your previous recordings to allow you to see your progress. A High Scores table is also maintained online so you can see how your scores compare to others!


The built-in tutorial uses a series of animated diagrams to explain the principles behind reversing a trailer.

Vehicles and Scenes

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