To download the latest version of the <<reversemytrailer simulator program for Windows please click on the button below.

Please note the program requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile. If you don't already have it installed, it will be installed automatically.

If you are looking for the Android version, you can download a copy here

Program Installation

Once the download of the installer file is complete, you can run it by double-clicking on it.

The installer has been digitally signed to confirm that its code has not been altered or corrupted since it was created by us.

However, depending on your computer operating system you may still see the following message:

message #1

If you do, please click on the 'More info' link. The message should then display the name of the application and the name of the publisher, as follows:

message #2

If the Application shown is 'RMTS.setup.exe' and Publisher shown is 'Technospeak Limited' you can go ahead and click on the 'Run anyway' button.

Version History

Date Version Details
06/10/2020 - Support for computers unable to display full 3D texture
- Improved animation of revolving trailer wheels
14/09/2020 - Tutorial section memory leak bug fix
04/09/2020 - Improved error handling added
31/08/2020 - Caravan site scene with challenging reversing routes added
- Improved distant texture mapping
23/06/2020 - Improved obstacle models
- More efficient collision detection
- Route end point detection bug fix
17/05/2020 - Recording and analysis feature added
18/02/2020 - B+E test manoeuvre added
- Corrections made to towing vehicle turning circles
26/01/2020 - Multi-view feature added
- Mirror presets and adjustment panel added
10/12/2019 - Minor bug fixes
24/10/2019 - New vehicle model (Land Rover)
- Improved autopilot/guidance algorithm
- Improved texture mapping
06/08/2019 - Manoeuvre configuration details moved to file
- Various bug fixes and improvements
04/05/2019 - First release version

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